Video Streaming
VOD (Video On Demand)

VOD enables the user to select the video from a centralized server for viewing. It can be used for entertainment, education and business. It provides easy-to-use browser based web casting for webinars. Customers can pick and choose what they want to see from the list. VOD helps in distribution of the videos of your meetings or events. Worldwide delivery of your video via internet reduces shipping costs.

Live Streaming
Web Casting your programs live through internet or through a medium is called live streaming. We provide high end technologies which helps you to broadcast your live programs clearly, even at low bandwidth. Live Streaming can deliver your online training programs or online demo of your products.

As services define what a company is, check what we have to offer
Web Development
Yali provides a wide variety of Microsoft and Open Source solutions. We are determined to deliver highly quality, low-cost solutions which incorporate live business needs. We are pioneer in Microsoft’s .NET framework. We do .NET project management with high expertise in using ASP.NET, C#, API and Web Services.

We have good experience in migration and up gradation of the existing applications in all .NET technologies. We can develop multi-tier architectures for optimal web applications using Microsoft technologies that remain stable and reliable. We have expertise in developing Video Streaming applications. This includes both VOD (Video on Demand) and live Streaming.

We are proficient in Photoshop, Coral Draw, Flash, and Dreamweaver and also can develop interactive multimedia applications. We also can provide various solutions using Open source tools like MYSQL, XML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax and Java Script.
Our stringent testing process adhering to international standards is capable of providing you the lithe delivery model. Delivery model helps leverage capacity, capabilities, competitive pricing, and competencies across geographies to improve delivery and predictability, and customer satisfaction. This gives us an opportunity to be the best serving testing partner for most of the leading companies.

Our unique testing environment has:
  • Pool of people having wide domain expertise
  • Dedicated Testing Labs with high end technologies for clients
  • Proven Test Process
  • Automation testing with unique tool knowledge like FURPS (Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance, and Supportability) along with Scalability.
We do Load and Stress Testing using open-source like Selenium IDE, Apache JMeter and industry standard tools Like QTP, Load Runner and Test Director. We select the test data by understanding the internal working of the entity being tested. This helps to match exact data that works with this system in live. With mere testing skills output of the system may not be efficient. So our testing team has specific knowledge of programming code to examine the system output.